Sneads History

Sneads Bar-B-Que was opened November 1, 1956, on the northwest corner of Bill Sneads farm.

Mr. Snead designed and constructed both the building and the brick bar-b-que pit.  The building was made of concrete; pouring the walls flat, then raising them and tying them together with steel and more concrete.  The inside walls of the dining room are Missouri walnut and the counter finished in cherry wood.  The original dining room seated 80 customers.  In 1972, Mr. Snead added a second room with a brick fireplace.  The walls were filled with windows that provided a beautiful outdoor view.  Finally, in 1991, Mr. Snead added the third dining room with a large stone fireplace and a wall of windows.  Today, Sneads Bar-B-Que will seat over 200 customers.  Still standing, directly behind the restaurant, is a Burr Oak tree that was recognized by the Department of Conservation as a Bicentennial tree.  In 1976 it was at least 200 years old.

Only hickory wood is used in the original brick bar-b-que pit.  The smoke flavor in the bar-b-que beans and sauces is obtained by cooking them in large kettles in the brick pit.  The bar-b-que sauce is an original recipe of Mr. Sneads dating back to 1956.  Mr. Snead passed away in 1994, but Sneads Bar-B-Q continues to provide great tasting hickory smoked meats from the old fashioned brick pit that Mr. Snead built over 50 years ago.

(816) 331-7979 or (816) 331-9858

17101 Holmes Rd, Belton Missouri

On the southeast corner of 171st Street and Holmes Road in south Kansas City.

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